Jack Olaughlin

 Jack O' Laughlin has been around photography and videography for over 35 years. He cut his teeth working in TV at WBAL Television in Baltimore. Little did he realize it at the time, but his work at the TV station as a cameraman, video switcher, sound mixer, and tape editor would give him the sound working knowledge of how to produce professional videography and photography for his clients today.

And Jack's experience and creativity are not only found locally. He has shared his skills by working with companies like Disney, & Xerox, just to name a few. 

In 1979, Jack began to photograph weddings and to create elaborate montages of the weddings. And though he also did other photo and videography shoots unrelated to the bridal game, he kept coming back to his passion, the bride. Jack saw a dream realized in 2001 when his business expanded into a full-time career... and Video Vignette was formed. To date, Jack has covered over 300 weddings. His experience behind the lens, and his keen attention to detail, is why he has become one of Baltimore's most sought after professionals.

Jack was awarded the title of "MARYLAND'S BEST VIDEOGRAPHER" for his outstanding videography presentations by The Knot. He proudly accepts this award as it is given to him because of feedback given to The Knot by his clients.

They say a picture's worth a thousand words . . .  

but the right picture speaks volumes.

Our Team

Casey Ostendorf

A well-established portrait and creative photographer. 

Jessica Greer

Jessica, a photography major in college is an enthusiastic and invaluable addition to our staff. Her keen eye and quick response helps to make sure not a moment of your day will be lost.