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Creative Keepsakes for all the special moments of your life....

Jack O'Laughlin had a vision...

When he was a cameraman at the WBAL TV Studio, Jack had a vision to capture the special moments in people's lives with photographs and video footage, and put them together in a special presentation that could be kept forever.

Jack's vision became a reality in 2001 when he formed Video Vignette.

Bride after bride... occasion after occasion... Jack has captured many of these special occasions for his clients in and around the Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC and Virginia areas.

With his artistic flair and capable eye for capturing and editing these special moments, Jack has become the best of the best, and has been awarded "Maryland's Best Videographer" from THE KNOT - the premiere, on-line bridal directory resource! He has also received the "Brides' Choice" Award from WEDDING WIRE - another outstanding wedding authority!

Jack stands ready to bring his award-winning experience and VISION to your special event.


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a real life Fairy Tale Wedding.

Jack is also an official photographer for Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL - so he knows how to photograph a Princess!
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